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Spookify.Me will turn any website into a creepy horrorshow!

To see it in action, just click the button below to start "spookifying" this website.

Warning: is fun, but indeed a little spooky. It involves some flashing elements which could be harmful to people with photosensitive epilepsy. Please use responsibly 🎃

Let's get spooky!

How to Spookify Any Site...

The fun doesn't stop with just this site! You can spookify any website on demand by adding the bookmarklet to your browser.

Drag and drop the link below into your browser's toolbar to add the bookmarklet. Then go to your favorite website, click the bookmarklet in the toolbar and watch the spookiness begin!

Drag this into your toolbar →
Spookify Script

I'm scared! What's a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is just a way of saving JavaScript code as a bookmark so you can easily reuse it. Nowadays people often use browser extensions to achieve the same goal, but bookmarklets remain easier to install and use.

I'm still scared! Isn't JavaScript bad and dangerous?!!

JavaScript itself is neither good nor evil, it's how you use it that determines whether you are creating a security risk. You shouldn't use javascript from a site you don't trust. The source code for is open source and freely available on Github so you can see what it's doing and feel confident there's nothing malicious going on.

That's cooooool! How can I make a bookmarklet myself?

Try reading this great guide to learn more about bookmarklets!

Credits and inspiration

Inspired by UX House of Horrors and Bug.

Ghostly figure image by StockSnap from Pixabay.

Skull with red eyes image by Jane Spaulding from Pixabay.